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Outlet Socket
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Product: Views:59Outlet Socket 
Unit price: Negotiable
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Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2019-09-18 01:23

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single switch, Safety cover, Overload   protector(optional),USB output

How to purchase


The quality of switch socket determines its safety, and also directly affects the safety of household electricity. In the process of using the poor wall switch socket, there are often sparks, which may lead to electric shock and fire. Therefore, quality is very important. First of all, it depends on what kind of material it is made of. For example, the shell of bull's wall switch socket is made of imported PC material, which is not only solid and reliable, but also has certain fire resistance. PC material is recognized as the best switch panel material in the industry. It has outstanding performance in flame retardant, insulation, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and other aspects compared with nylon 66 and other materials in the past. 


All the major brands in the switch and socket industry have upgraded their products' functions, and some of them have realized the triple lightning protection function. Some products like bull not only have triple lightning protection function, but also designed a socket with double protective doors for children, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents for children. These two functions are helpful to protect the safety of families.

Cost performance

In the case of the same product quality and price, which has a long service life, which has a higher cost performance. Different brands of wall switch sockets use different times, such as bull, flying eagle and other big brand products use more times. The same price, of course, many times of use, long-term cost-effective will be higher.

Wiring mode

At present, there are four ways: screw crimping, double plate clamping, fast wiring and nail plate crimping.

The product with scientific structure and advanced technology has light switch feel, clear and pleasant sound when opening, even plug-in force of socket, and no need of hard plug of brute force. It can protect children, avoid people with poor vision or the risk of electric shock when the light is insufficient.

Good sockets should be equipped with safety protection doors, such as rotary protection door design, special single side locking structure. Therefore, we must be optimistic about the safety of the socket.